Entombed - Left Hand Path LP (Black vinyl)


Left Hand Path is what Discharge would've sounded like if they'd innovated death metal the same way they innovated crust ten years earlier. In other words, a mega-ton bomb that erased all around it. With these ten songs, Entombed released an album no less seminal and game changing than Discharge's Why?, Slayer's Reign In Blood, and Repulsion's Horrified, taking those blitzkrieg rhythms and cranking them up to an even more demented level: guitars more distorted, vocals more evil, impact more imminent. Yet just before impact, a slowing, a realization of death as a deep blues wish for one more chance that is swiftly denied. Left Hand Path sweeps all that was before it aside and strides over the remains of all and laughs. Almost twenty-five years later and it is still the single most imitated death metal record ever. Yet all those imitators never once captured even an inch of its overwhelming power.