ENTHRONED - Prophecies Of Pagan Fire Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

ENTHRONED - Prophecies Of Pagan Fire Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

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Beforehand, I never even knew such an amazing black metal band could come from Belgium. Then again, why not? They already make great chocolate.

Anyway, listening to this album was quite an "out-of-body" experience. Incredible atmosphere with nice mild distortion and echo effects on Sabbathan's vocals and melodic, but not overriding keyboard hums added for aura.

The first song that ever enticed me on this album--now my most favourite--was/is "Skjeldenland". "The Rites of the Northern Fullmoon" are another grim and evil highlight, setting the stage for the horns of Baphomet.

It's unfortunate for Cerrunnos. Being a drummer myself, he plays very well for this album with just the right amount of blastbeats and shifting loose grooves to suit the change in dynamic, speed, and time signature of every song. Since he's dead, it's nearly a miracle for the band finding other suitable drummers in his place. I hope that Glauurung will serve well (and hopefully stay in the lineup the longest) in respect of Cerrunnos' drum throne.

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