Enslaved - Hordanes Land Digi-CD


Enslaved is a band that should be familiar to anyone into Norwegian Black Metal. They can easily be considered to have been a part of the famous "second wave" of Black Metal that took place in Norway along with genre pioneers such as Burzum, Darkthrone, Immortal and Mayhem. However, they were still different from the other bands that shared their role in developing the genre, being far more interested in the old Norse culture, particularly the mythology, rather than darkness and evil.

Musically, Enslaved have a distinct and individual interpretation of Black Metal, just like other noticeable bands of the genre in this period. This EP is semi-legendary, the reason being that it later that same year was re-released as a split with Emperor's self-titled EP and was through Euronymous (Mayhem's frontman) released internationally through Candlelight Records to promote Black Metal. This was in 1993, so we are dealing with a work of historical significance here.