Ensiferum - Iron LP (Black vinyl)


Ships after December 10th

140 gram standard vinyl in a gatefold.

Ensiferum have returned with their sophomore album “Iron” !

The combination of folk riffing, use of folk instruments, catchy songs and both clean and growled vocals have made them the kings of the genre !
Ensiferum has become, almost instantly, the classic Folk/Viking Metal band. With only 2 albums, their combination of Folk riffing, use of folk instruments, simple and catchy songs and both clean and growled vocals have made them as the kings of the genre.

They are probably the most listened Folk Metal band, along with Finntroll. And fuck, they deserve it.

Their debut showed us what they were capable of, and most fans see that as the pinnacle of the band.
But “Iron” might be better.

The songs are much more different from each other.

But the album always has the same quality.
In short, “Iron” is a worthy, perhaps a little bit more melodic and sophisticated, successor to “Ensiferum”.

The band from Finland has perfectly succeeded in respecting the high standards it had set with its debut record.

On the other hand, the element that separates these two albums is that “Iron” isn’t as catchy and straightforward as “Ensiferum”.

The latter could captivate the ear and the mind of the listener within just a few minutes, while the former requires higher amounts of time and focus to achieve the same result.

In any case, both albums are excellent examples of modern European Metal.

For fans of: Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Wintersun, Equilibrium, Finntroll