Ensiferum - Ensiferum 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Ships after December 10th

Gatefolded 2-LP on standard 140 gram.

And so the journey began, Ensiferum set their heavy metal course with their impressive self titled debut album.

You want Viking Metal ?

You Need Heavy Metal ?

Then this is it !
In 2001, a small miracle saw the light of day for the first time.

Four guys (Jari Mäenpää/vocals & guitar, Markus Toivonen/guitar, Jukka-Pekka Miettinen/bass and Oliver Fokin/drums) once and for all proved why Finland, by the side of Germany and Sweden, can be counted to the most metallic countries in the world.

Also that within their genres they could be counted with the best newcomers in the world, because of their flawless handling of the instruments and equally flawless production jobs (one word: Finnvox...), could not be denied.
Musically we’re talking about melodic Black/Death Metal with folkish viking/medieval influences here.

A combination I’m sure everyone has heard a thousand times before, but not executed in this way, that we promise you !

What these guys have accomplished with the self titled debut cannot be summed up in word, one has to listen to understand.
What makes this album so great to me are the superb melodies.

The guitarists clearly have fantastic ears for melody, and the Folk influence enhances the music greatly.

As hinted before, the band all perform to their utmost here and there are no flaws to be found in the entire instrumentation, which I find to be an amazing thing considering this is their first album.

Vocals, riffs, drum beats, bass lines, you name it and they do it and not just do it but fucking own 99% of bands out there doing it.
Few bands managed to release such a strong first album as this one is.

There is not a bad song on here, actually there isn’t a minute of bad music up on this one.

If you love fast, catchy and interesting metal, get this.

Even if you’re not really into Scandinavian stuff usually.

An absolute killer, from beginning to end.

For fans of: Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Wintersun, Equilibrium, Finntroll