Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today CD


Electric Wizard has a very vintage sounding postulate; "Witchcult Today" was recorded with equipment from the 1970s, in fact. Here, the songs are naturally...better than most of their other releases, really. I find myself enjoying their specific doom metal episodes a little more for whatever reason despite little having changed from the group's original incarnation. Electric Wizard is simply turning your brain into a molten pool of protoplasmic gunk, just like usual. However, none can deny the utter strength and consistency lurching within the album's many seismic creepers. Using the toxic art of crawling doom metal to its maximum effect, Electric Wizard struts through excellent doom numbers with savagely brilliant precision. Jus Osborn's wretched vocals are—considering the usual bane that expels from his voice—easier to digest here than other releases by the band. As I said, "Witchcult Today" feels like Electric Wizard finding a more palatable approach to its own skin than ever before.