Electric Wizard - Let Us Pray CD


Jus Oborn has done it again, as the follow-up to the legendary Dopethrone is every bit as good, if not better. This is my favorite Electric Wizard album, and possibly my favorite doom album in general. This album is darker than any of their others, and it creates a true sense of overwhelming doom. Production-wise, everything sounds clearer than Dopethrone, which maybe makes it sound less heavy, but it contributes more to the album than anything. The guitars are still extremely distorted and downtuned and bassy. Jus Oborn's riffage is consistently heavy and doomy and always the center of attention, while his singing is distorted beyond intelligibility and put behind everything else, giving a sort of suffocating sound to them. Tim Bagshaw's bass playing compliments Oborn's guitar, adding to the heaviness, and Mark Greening's drumming is solid as always.