ELECTRIC WIZARD - Dopethrone Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)
Electric Wizard

ELECTRIC WIZARD - Dopethrone Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

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This album opens dimensions to a whole new world of music, from the heavy start of Vinum Sabbathi to the world crumbling lyrics of Funeralopolis and all the way to the world destroying jam that is mind transferal. This band never fails to surprise, going strong since their debut album Electric Wizard they switched on the hyperfuzz and created some of the heaviest tracks possible in this album.

Trying to describe the music style of the album is difficult as it lies at a early form of doom metal. Electric Wizard tries hard to avoid the title of stoner rock or space rock as they don't relate to those kind of bands. The music of dopethrone is fuzz heavy slow doom metal throughout. Each song provides different experiences as it isn't all just fuzz but individual melodies that make each song unique. Funeralopolis, the 2nd song on the album, sets a perfect example setting of what the album has in store. It's slow but builds up into a heavy aggressive peak in both instruments, fuzz and lyrics.

The absolute stoned production of this album still comes across as somewhat of a myth or legend but seems so apparent as you delve into this album. Studio footage shows the weed-fueled hatred and dedication that went into this album and amazing tracks such as weird tales show the masterpieces they produced in studio. Tim Bagshaw's bass tone is absolutely ground-breaking, providing more than just a "subtle background noise", he carries the song on those strings just as much as Jus. Jus on the other hand plays with the distortion of his hyperfuzz and wah like they are his tools of destruction. He owns the fretboard and plays with it at his will and it comes across perfectly and fitting. Mark's drumming is just as suiting as any other instrument, it's hard to describe as he provides such a unique drumming style that is easily described by his title as "assault and battery". Despite his willingness to beat the shit out of his drums he also provides perfect segments of withdraw with slow drumming. Again it is indescribable.

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