Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics... CD


'Come My Fanatics....' is Electric Wizard's sophomore album and the moment the band found their "true sound". While still proudly churning out Sabbath-inspired riffs and loose-hitting drum beats, like they did on their self-titled debut album, there is a significant change production-wise. It's dirtier, rawer and far more oppressive than before, which creates a rather unnerving atmosphere with plenty of psychedelic undertones to further increase the mindfuckery; particularly so if you're on a bad acid trip.

Musically and performance-wise, Electric Wizard were improving. The song-writing had become stronger and the tracks were now far more engaging and captivating than on 'Electric Wizard'. It becomes clear, very soon, into the massive opener "Return Trip"; a crushingly heavy tune with one of the band's finest riffs to this day. The combination of brutal heaviness, brain-frying fuzz and strangely soulful, psychedelic, bluesy leads and Jus Oborn's distorted croons, is a stoned doom metal fan's holy grail.