EINHERJER - Odins Owns Ye All LP (Orange Vinyl)
EINHERJER - Odins Owns Ye All LP (Orange Vinyl)

EINHERJER - Odins Owns Ye All LP (Orange Vinyl)

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Orange Vinyl with 2 sided color insert with credits.

The only album I think of when hearing term "Viking Metal" is actually this one, because it really bears in it some folk music reminiscences that are not stylisation but sound like real melodies of folk songs you could probably hear people singing in the villages ages ago. Simplistic but genuine.

The album would almost certainly be hated by metalheads, because all metal basis here is replaced with that genuine folk music melodism (except for Out Of Ginnugagap track, which does have rather thrash/death metal core). Yet it would also hardly be a hit with folk metal fans also since there are no stylisations here (except for the intro) - no flutes, acoustic guitars etc. All melodies are performed by clean vocals, typical rock/metal band instruments and keyboards. That's it. No catchy rock/metal riffs and no folk stylisations means no "hit" songs like those from Thyrfing, Finntroll and similar popular folk metal acts.

Production-wise it's also not perfect, this album definitely does not sound polished. As a result of all this, "Odin Owns Ye All" is doomed for underappreciation.

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