Edge Of Sanity - Unorthodox LP (Yellow vinyl)


This album itself is absolutely brilliant. There is an epic opus on it, but it is not gay, the track is called ‘The Enigma’, and it’s the first one, with a cello and a weird chorus type gospel thing in it. There are growled vocals, furious double times, great sounding standard Swedish death metal guitars and bass, rough around the edges but still perfectly audible and professional recording like Entombed in their ‘Clandestine Blaze’ era. It was all just perfect the riffs were guitar centric and had many leads and higher counter parts and the two guitars and the sick bass lines. And it is all gone. Replaced by whining and boring Viking bullshit or some rock and roll influenced garbage. While this album was not desolate like the first, it still ruled, and in many ways like musically speaking was better than the first one. Other high lights include ‘In The Veins-Darker Than Black’, ‘Nocturnal’ and ‘Curfew For The Damned’ but all the songs have plenty excellent riffs and awesome atmosphere. So yeah, it is sad to listen to this album if you know what comes after it, but it is still one of the best Swedish death metal albums ever.