Dying Fetus - War Of Attrition -CD


On War of Attrition, death-grind gurus Dying Fetus offer up more of the same, but the quality hasn't changed. The guys in Fetus still know how to make some fairly kick ass death-grind, despite what nay-sayers might say.

The riffs are pummeling as expected, super-fast grind riffs mixed in with chugga-chugga death metal riffing. They have a nice grit and rawness to them bringing an overall rich and deep sound to the table. The unfortunate thing is that most of the riffs aren't very memorable, which is something death metal in particular needs. It's not that they're clusterfucked and constantly changing like many contemporary death metal acts; it's that they just don't bring enough catchiness, groove, or shear technicality to be memorable. But they're not bad in the last bit, they just don't stick in the end, save for the track "Insidious Repression", which has some very nice, rather unforgettable riffs throughout.

The bass guitar does a very nice job filling in the low end. It's fairly audible throughout and even pokes its ugly head out to take center-stage a few times, like in "Insidious Repression" and "Unadulterated Hatred". However, overall, it just fills in the sub-noise and really does nothing exceptional.

The drumming owns on this album. It's fast, fucking relentless, and fairly technical at times. Though the constant blast-beats can grow tiresome, the awesome fills and the overall pummeling driving force of them makes them probably the best part of the album.