Dying Fetus - Stop at Nothing -CD


This  album by death metal masters Dying Fetus showcases some of their best material in recent memory. The album starts off flying and never slows down for a second. Each song is filled with buzzsaw guitars and blast beats from beginning to end. Combined with the duel low end vocals that Dying Fetus possesses, this is sure to please any death metal fan.

The album opens up with "Schematics", which is a medium paced thrasher with a "catchy" (can we say that about death metal?) chorus to boot. Following it is One Shot, One Kill, which i think is the best song on the album. It features a much faster beat than the opener with well written riffs and changes. The next few cuts (Abandon All Hope, Institutions of Deciet) may remind one a lot of older (a la Reign In Blood) Slayer with its speed metal riffs and fast paced vocals. The last few songs aren't as memorable, as they sound basically like a mixture of the first few.

"Stop at Nothing", although it has 8 tracks and only clocks at 35 minutes is still a hefty piece of death metal for anybody that is looking for something to listen to while pissed off.