Dying Fetus - Grotesque Impalement digi -CD


This EP, short as it is, is still pretty harsh, and an essential addition to any death metal collection.

Dying Fetus are without a doubt the kings of the Maryland death metal scene. One listen to ANY local death metal band (Misery Index, Severed Head, Covenance, Fuck U All) and their influence is quite obvious. One cool aspect about them is their friendships with many non-death locals, which will be touched on later in the review.

Grotesque Impalement, the song (also found on Infatuation With Malevolence), is standard DF fare, brutal death with all the typical elements. About a minute in comes one of the most intense sludge parts I've heard, follwed by a major headbanger riff, and I absolutely love it.

My favorite track on the CD is their cover of Bringing Back The Glory by Next Step Up. Next Step Up are to the Maryland hardcore scene as DF are to the metal scene. Vicious, brutal hardcore meant to punch your friends (as well as Nazi boneheads) in the face to. DF adds thier own touches (gurgly vocals, ripping double bass, and the transformation of one of the instrumental riffs into a grind frenzy), but, for whatever reason, does not let the end breakdown get as brutally sludgy and heavy as NSU's version. It's only a minor complaint, as I've probably listened to the cover as many times as the original, which is rare for me.

All of the other songs are damn good, especially the Baphomet cover, but the two above mentioned songs make the album worth buying alone. The band gets a chance to inject some humor into the later songs, which is always nice. Music should always have an element of fun. It is entertainment after all.....