Drudkh - Forgotten Legends LP (Black vinyl)


I recall when I first heard this album. I was in high school and was researching "best black metal albums" on the internet because I had just gotten into the genre and had absolutely fallen in love with it. Lately, I have really been getting back into black metal once again. I find that I go through "musical seasons" of sorts, when I'll be very into thrash metal at one time, folk metal another, death metal (including melodic death metal and deathcore) during another period, and then black metal. It's all random though, and I tend to enjoy listening to whatever I want anyway at any given time. But as of the last few weeks, "Forgotten Legends" by Drudkh has been playing heavily from my library of music. I'm not sure why, but I don't question it. Anyway, I apologize for the tangent. This was my first Drudkh album and, while "Autumn Aurora", "The Swan Road", and "Microcosmos" are very close in quality to this one, this is an absolute classic in my opinion, and will always remain so.