Drudkh - Eternal Turn Of The Wheel LP (Black vinyl)


Following the divisive impact of 2010’s offering, Handful of Stars, I awaited the latest release from the Ukrainian titans of ponderous riffery with great interest. Drudkh have long cemented their place in the atmospheric black metal hall of fame, evoking the stark wastelands of early Blut Aus Nord and offering a depth and richness that far outstrips the efforts of contemporaries such as Xasthur. Die-hard fans were disappointed, however, to have a whole different beast on their hands when Handful of Stars landed. It appeared that the virulent post-black-metal bug, early sufferers of which include Shining, Amesoeurs and Glorior Belli, had burrowed under the skin of one of the stalwarts of black metal and caused a nasty outbreak of clean guitars and proggy passages.