(Dolch) - I & II digi-CD


Amongst the many releases of this year (quite a few with a really good quality, but honestly the amount of releases this year was massive) it makes sense a significant number of them to pass unnoticed. Unfortunately. Ván Records has the reputation of a label that releases a certain amount of records and I always take a peek in its catalog. I was familiar with the name (DOLCH) and I had heard two songs from their first demo, completely coincidentally. Their music wasn’t bad, but something was missing. Now, this is essentially a collection that contains the band’s two demos (and only demos so far), in which we can listen to 7 re – recorded songs (6 + 1 outro), with the addition of bass guitar that gives extra volume and dynamics to the compositions. Dark, extremely atmospheric. If I had to include their music into some musical idiom or put a label on it, I would say that the black / doom genre flirts a lot with the truth, but then again we wouldn’t be that accurate. The band’s music could be used as a soundtrack for some sort of movie, with the female vocals perfectly matching the style of the compositions and the aesthetics they’re serving. We wouldn’t be surprised by any mysterious or occult lyrical approach, though I haven’t read the lyrics to confirm that statement. There are elements of ambient music, reminding the later works of Burzum, while still there are bits and pieces of industrial music -not too many, yet they’re easily heard- while the first track of the record “Bahrelied” reminds me of the song of the end titles of the film “28 Days Later”, with an even darker touch. Maybe we should blame the fact that the record was released midsummer (07/25/2015). Or maybe, this is the fate of some releases… to be appreciated by just a few. The artwork is amazing, even though it’s plain. It’s a proof that the release is meticulously well – crafted. The seven-minute industrial track “Maschine”, as well as the track “Das Auge”, unarguably stand out. Worth it.