Dodheimsgard - Kronet Til Konge LP (Black vinyl)


I could have sworn that I wrote a review of this already, but if I did, its gone. No matter, I just have another chance to express the utter perfection of this record. The word "grim" is thrown around the black metal scene so much these days that it has become virtually meaningless. Any time a band uses the words "forest, winter, snow, wood, or cold" its grim. Not true. The book on grimness was written by Darkthrone back in 1991, and today's plagerists seem only to read the summaries. Kronet Til Konge works because it never goes over the top, nor does it hide behind minimalism. And the cast could not have been better for the task at hand, for creating what I consider to be the last "true" black metal album of the 1990s.