Dissection - The Somberlain 2-CD


"The Somberlain" reigns with "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", "Black Metal" and "Under the Sign of the Black Mark" as one of the great black metal classics. Everything fell into place for this release...and I mean EVERYTHING. The production is enjoyable, the musicianship is amazing and the songwriting is deep as the darkest well. Vocals mix to create an aura of violence and chaos while the drums/guitars shred atmospheric holes in every space they manage to touch. Evil as evil can be...this record went slightly unnoticed for no good reason at all. Dissection never failed the black metal world, and possibly even surpassed many of the so called "legends" that the media hype that surrounded the first wave ended up promoting. Despite having his own little murder rap and drama...Dissection made music that has only gotten it's just due in the past few years.

The song craft is both epic and engaging while avoiding the pitfalls and extra-fat that tend to mar albums with such a scope. Also, another trait that separates them from the "epic black metal" pack is the ability to create an aura of violence that most brutal bands lose when they attempt to drift towards a more thoughtful atmosphere. Little can be said about this record that hasn't been said before...it is an excellent example of epic, violent and thought-provoking composition.

Dissection have created a record with a mood, style and presence that few could even begin to approach. If not for the murders and untimely demise of the band I am sure that they would have received more attention for the music than for the drama and they would be one of the largest acts (not that the returning version won't be) in black metal today.