Dissection ‎- Storm Of The Light's Bane 2-CD


It is hard to describe the influence that this band and this particular album have had on me. In the few recordings I've done with past projects it has been noted by the few people, who actually know about black/death metal, how much influence Storm of the Light's Bane (SOTLB) is in it. Jon Nodveidt is one of my personal heroes not only for the impact his music has on black and death metal but also for the obvious passion he put into his music. I note my influence for them so much that when Nodveidt died I had the Dissection cross tattooed on my right arm. 

Storm of the Light's Bane came out during a year that was the heyday of death metal; a year marked by timeless masterpieces. Released alongside At the Gates's Slaughter of the Soul, Dark Tranquillity's The Gallery, Cryptopsy's None So Vile, and Suffocation's Pierced from Within, it was released during a noteworthy period of the genre. Each of the above mentioned albums have had a great deal of impact on technical death metal and melodic death metal, with SOTLB being at the top. 

SOTLB is one of the rarest, perfect blends of blackened death metal, with a heavy dose of melody. The production on this album isn't perfect, however, it bridges between the low-fi quality of black metal and the generally cleaner quality of melodic death, which is exactly what SOTLB is a perfect amalgamation of the two styles. The guitars are distant sounding and chillingly melodic inducing a sense of ethereal wonder. The drums are fierce and change accordingly with the traditional blastbeats and chaotic fills. Nodveidt's vox are acceptional, an echoey screech reminscent of a demonic prophet. The lyrics are darkly poetic and are the perfect compliment to this album. 

Essentially Dissection's Storm of the Light's Bane is, in any sense of the word, the perfect blackened death metal album. It is a benchmark in its genre and is worthy of being remembered if not for its impact but for the memory of its creator, Jon Nodveidt.