Dismember - Where Iron Crosses Grow CD


This is the comeback album of the Swedish Death Metal band Dismember, after a four year break, originally released in 2004!

It took over 4 years for this thing to finally come out. Was it worth the wait looking back? Pretty much, yes. “Where Ironcrosses Grow” was Dismember’s first really brutal and unpredictable album since 1993’s “Indecent & Obscene”.

Much of the Gothenburg-ish melody that made the previous three albums a lot more accessible than the band’s early output had been excised, leaving that much more room for unabated heaviness.

This album didn’t quite bounce along like 2000’s “Hate Campaign” did, and there’s a significant rise in the complexity of the individual songs (you’d be very hard-pressed to find a multi-faceted track like “Me-God” or “As the Coins Upon Your Eyes” on anything Dismember had released in the late 90s), but the catchiness that had always placed them near the top of the death metal genre is still very much here.

The same is true of their recognition of how to mix things up just enough to keep their albums from getting stale.

Four years, a label switch, and constant delays might have worn thin the patience of die-hard Dismember fans in waiting for this album, but the substance of the finished product was guaranteed to satisfy anyone who wanted to hear Swedish death metal done right.