DISMEMBER - Dismember CD

DISMEMBER - Dismember CD

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Dismember are the only group left to play old school death metal among the others because: Entombed went groove, Grave are now too doom, than too grind and Unleashed are not bad but surely far from their beginning. Really, I can’t stop admiring this group for the genuine sense of playing death metal and for their attitude, always against all trends and innovations. The only one is the use of some more melodic guitar lines in the sound, but very few, so…

This is surely one of the most violent effort by this restless group. Everything here is surprisingly old fashioned without being obvious and boring. If “Death Conquers All” is total impact, “Europa Burns” is mid paced but always so violent and brutal. The production is great, raw and truly old school. The group doesn’t seem to be grown older and their power is really something that takes me aback album after album. How can they do such violent albums as time passes by?

Check out the classic Swedish up tempos in the awesome “The Hills Have The Eyes” or the more melodic “Under A Bloodred Sky”…holy shit! We go back to 1991/1995 with these ones! Unbelievable! The vocals are always so brutal, growled and really impressive and the chainsaw guitars distortion remained a trademark in their sound and I’m so happy also for this because now this sound has been almost forgotten for the At The Gates one in the modern bands.

I believe this work is really less melodic that its predecessors because a part from some small, brief solos and two notes in the whole rhythmic session, there’s nothing melodic! So also from this point of view I can say that Dismember really returned to the dawn of this genre where there weren’t a lot of influences. The guitar intro the “Legion” is something so rotten that is hard to imagine nowadays, while the track is on total up tempos. “WE ARE LEGIONS!!”

The beginning of “Tide Of Blood” is a good solo one with good melodies in the first place, than it turns to a more old school death one. The scream and growls in the hyper fast “Combat Fatigue” or in the Hellhammerish down tempos of “No Honour In Death” are non common in this period for this genre! Sick sick sick!! Stunning the final, 6 minute long “Black Sun” where the band doesn’t give up in thrashing the impossible!

All in all a great, fucking come back by a ever young band that with a good sense of songwriting and catchy but violent songs, is always able to quake the Earth. Everlasting death metal power.

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