Disincarnate - Dreams Of The Carrion Kind Digi-CD


The demo "Soul Erosion" as bonus!

James Murphy is a Death Metal GOD. He brought forth some of the most interesting and melodic riffing and technicality to many classic bands and albums throughout the early 90s and this is no different. Dreams of the Carrion Kind is literally one of the best OSDM albums one can ever come across. This album has it all! The vocals are unmatched in intensity, it''s a shame that this guy hasn''t been on any other projects that I''m aware of! James Murphy needs no explanation, arguably one of the most influential Death Metal guitarists of all time. The production is fantastic, which was done by legendary Colin Richardson. For an album that was released in 1993 this album sounds GREAT and arguably holds up to today''s standards.

One of the best parts about this album, or any album in general, is the ability for the songs to be distinguished between each other. There are a lot of hooks on this album with fantastic and I mean FANTASTIC guitarwork in both soloing and riffage that keep you wanting to come back for more. You''ll be humming a riff to one song one week while the chorus of another will be in your head the next week.

The true highlight of this album though is James Murphy, as he handled the songwriting and the bass and guitarwork. The vocalist is amazing for this record while the drummer does his job well, but James Murphy really makes this, as well as the other classic OSDM albums he''s participated on, shine as brightly as it does.

Overall, this is ESSENTIAL OSDM for any metalhead, especially for any James Murphy fan. I highly suggest you check out Death''s Spiritual Healing, Obituary''s Cause of Death and Cancer''s Death Shall Rise if you want more of this amazing musician''s work. This album deserves a 100 as it is the pinnacle of Old-School Death Metal, in my eyes. Enjoy!