Diocletian - Decimator Digi-CD


You know that feeling you get the instant before someone punches you in the gut? Well, this is exactly the feeling one gets while listening to Diocletian’s Decimator album. This vicious horde from down under is like an authoritative iron fist straight into the gut of the pathetic so-called “bestial” scene.

This is the second release from Diocletian after their acclaimed 2005 demo; it contains five tracks, one of which is a cover of Bolt Thrower’s “All that Remains”.

The title track starts off with crushingly heavy riff and a slow but deliberate drum pattern; the calm before the storm. That soon dissolves into a relentless war metal assault comparable to Revenge’s offerings, but takes a less noisy, more streamlined approach. The guitars evoke a savagery that grips the listener till the last second, and contain a hint of filth that can be seen in early Arkhon Infaustus releases; the solos are very atonal and reminiscent of Helmkamp’s work. The drumming is militant and highly competent, similar in style to J.Read’s. The production is clear, which is a rare occurrence in this type of music; rather than weakening the overall effect, it strengthens it.

Diocletian is one of the few bands who do not tarnish the war/bestial name with pointless black noise and bad musicianship. I have nothing but praise for them and this album!