Dimmu Borgir - Eonian Digi-CD


This album should have come a few years ago, was it worth the wait?

Indeed, it was. From the huge opener track with its constant tempo changes, down to the melodic and calmer sound of Rites of Passage, this album navigates with ease through the very well known Dimmu's formula of creating massive songs, filled with moments and details, such is the case of songs like Alpha Aeon Omega and Council of Wolves and Snakes.

It's clear by now how this band took a step aside from the conventional pattern of black metal and evolved into something broader and bolder, against the current and all odds. Interdimensional Summit, the first song released from the album goes into that territory, its melodic sound and verse-chorus structure somehow manage to create something not so easily forgotten. On the other hand, I Am Sovereign, embraces a different form of boldness, opening with a stomping sound, to the huge choir arrangement by the end of the song, you've been taken on a full ride of sounds.

Each song has its flavor, for better or worse, it goes up to everyone's taste. This album sounds fresh with the ever-present elements of Dimmu Borgir plus simpler variations. For those expecting a copied and formulaic version of previous albums, you might be disappointed. If you're up to the task of giving yourself a full-pass... sit back, plug-in and enjoy.