DIMBILD - Dunkelglöd Digi-CD (Pre-order)
DIMBILD - Dunkelglöd Digi-CD (Pre-order)
DIMBILD - Dunkelglöd Digi-CD (Pre-order)
DIMBILD - Dunkelglöd Digi-CD (Pre-order)

DIMBILD - Dunkelglöd Digi-CD (Pre-order)

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Ships mid August, release date August 23rd 2024.

Dimbild: A Semi Acoustic Journey from Vintersorg!

Dimbild emerged as an semi acoustic side project of the renowned musician Vintersorg in 2022, embracing the folky side of his journey in its full context and keeping the intense metal compositions associated with the main act outside.

It’s something that has been growing for years but in 2022 it came into its own shape. Departing from the relentless energy of metal, Dimbild has a more subdued and introspective approach to music-making. 

Drawing inspiration from nature, mythology, and existential themes, Dimbild’s music transports listeners to otherworldly landscapes where emotions intertwine with the sounds of acoustic guitars, percussion, and the trade-mark vocals of Vintersorg. 

It solidifies its place as a compelling force in the realm of acoustic music.

Line up: Vintersorg - All instruments

• Dimbild is created by Vintersorg
• Dimbild sounds like Vintersorg acoustic
• Dimbild features the melodies and clean vocals of Vintersorg
• Will appeal to fans of Dead Can Dance, Ulver’s “Kveldssanger”, Vintersorg, Storm, Agalloch, Myrkur