Diamond Head ‎- Lightning To The Nations 2020 CD


Chinese edition, sealed with OBI !
In the vast majority of occasions, the remake will pale in comparison to the original. This particular case differs in that it avoids the trap of sounding too similar or too different from its source material; a fine line that few can walk affectively. It’s a testament to the glorious history of heavy metal that continues to buttress every new act that comes raging out of the underground, but more so an example of how a guitarist with a vision and some impressive chops can build the same basic monument of greatness with an entirely different fold of musicians. To be clear, there is not a dull moment to be experienced during any of these eleven performances, but it’s impossible not to find oneself itching for Brian Tatler’s idiomatic guitar solos to come roaring into the foreground, providing a missing link between the frenzied blues noodling of Jimmy Page and the virtuoso shredding of Ritchie Blackmore and Eddie Van Halen. In essence, the only thing that makes Lightning To The Nations 2020 inferior to its 1980 original self is that the latter was recorded first.