Diabolical Masquerade


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Diabolical Masquerade is the project of Blakkheim, put to rest in 2004. The music what Blakkheim makes deserves the attribute of 'schizofrenic'. Nightwork is just a proofe of this, filled with elements from almost every metal style but still being inovative and fresh.

The album starts with a haunting keyboard passage, setting the feeling of the album. Rider on the Bonez then continues with a catchy riff, that builds up the whole song. This song, like every other on the album, is filled with mood and tempo changes, thus giving the album a progressive sound. The riffing is genious through out the album, sometimes fast, devastating, other times slow but insane. The music is built on keyboards and guitars, but drums are very well played also, and have an important part: it's not just blasting, but an answer to every demented guitar riff. Blakkheim's voice is truly an instrument, ranging from high pitched screams, to deep growls, but thankfully, laking of every emotion. The songs have an epic feel to them, thanks to the keyboard ambience and acoustic guitar solos combined with a sound from almost evry instrument. The songs usually have a climax, when only the instruments play. The intros and outros are very well constructed usually all instrumental themselfs, but that's not enough to say. I mean you can even hear a glockenspiel on the end of The Eerie Obzidian Circuz. Hows that for avantgarde. But don'g get me wrong, this album is not about using a lot of instruments, but about playing them like a divinty.

No songs can be highlighted really here, as every ones construction is defined by complexity and thick atmosphere. Recomended for every metal fan. who like to hear something new once in a while.

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