Diabolical Masquerade - Death's Design LP (Translucent Gold vinyl)


Word of notice- when hearing to this album one must give his full to the tusk of listening. This is NOT music to headbang for, NOT a music to mosh for, NOT a jogging music, NOT a weight lifting music.
What is it then?
An amazing soundtrack to the movie Death's Design (which never seen the light of day), this album paints us events of an unknown horror (there are no lyrics to be found in the album ot on the net), it's doing so by taking a basis of black metal (highlighted by Blackheim's guitar playing and chilling screeching vocals) and adding upon it cosmic kybords (actually done right, and not overbearing, by Dan Swano), Movie Samples (which make me wish the movie came out) and a string Quartet (which, in my humble opinion, works much better then the orchestration of Haggard and Therion). The band also like to throw around Jazzy parts (again, never in an overbearing fashion) and clean vocals to break the Extreme Metal routine.
So why not a 100 for this amazing piece of soundscape?
It gets tiring after a while- no way you can listen to this one more the once a week without having it's quality dropping before your ears.
But give it a chance- go home, close the dors, windows, phones, lights, everything else that might bother you and give this album a spin.