Devilment - The Great And Secret Show 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Side D 3 bonus tracks !!!

It took multiple listens to before I arrived at a firm conviction regarding this album featuring Cradle of Filth's frontman Dani Filth. They're more laid back than COF, though I really dig the vibe of this release. It fits into a couple of different genres of metal and a lot of the music reflects that of Cradle of Filth and Draconian. The main thing that keeps this album interesting are the guitars, they're all over the fret-board accompanied by some synthesizers and female guest vocalists. It's good a cool groove feel to it and Dani sounds like Dani on COF.

What distinguishes this band from the rest of the metal community are the innovation of the guitars. They down-tune their guitars making the music have a thick tone. This is all their own work, even if they reflect a little of Draconian's newer album, Devilment uses more of a gothic/groove metal fix to their song. Dani keeps the energy up with his moderate dark throat and some screaming. Definitely a band worth checking out because the music owns and the guitar compositions are pretty unique. I liked every song on here, no doubt.