Deviated Instinct - Guttural Breath LP (Black vinyl)


Deviated Instinct is one of the strangest bands I've ever heard. I got introduced to their music as "hardcore", but this is something else.

First, the vocals; they sound more like black metal. It works well, since they're (well, relatively) pretty hearable. And there's not too much vocals present, which according to me is a good thing.

Second, the speed; it's a pretty slow album, apart from some faster or midpaced pieces. The drums are pretty simple all the way through, but have a certain... Numb? sound to them, probably the effect of a cheap production. 

Third, the strings; this has to be some of the best sounding guitars I've ever heard, they're poorly produced and drawn towards death metal in the riffing, an interesting mix which in the end sounds awesome.

The biggest strength in Deviated Instinct's sound is the simplicity; poor production, about eight lines of lyrics per song, basic song structures, no guitar solos and so on. It doesn't sound overly skilled, but it has a moody, angry, pessimistic feeling to it. Also, style points for a cool cover image.