DESULTORY - Into Eternity Gatefold LP (Transparent Green Vinyl)

DESULTORY - Into Eternity Gatefold LP (Transparent Green Vinyl)

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Sweden, sweet Sweden… The breakthrough of the 80/90s was a real revolution in metal world. A hideous monster was born – Swedish death metal. From many albums and bands I would like to point is Desultory, underrated a bit, in the shadow of Entombed, Unleashed and Dismember for example. I don’t know why, maybe “Into Eternity” came too late comparatively to the albums of bands I mentioned above? Maybe Desultory’s attitude, maybe no-satanic lyrics, who the hell knows?

After releasing several promising demo tapes, Desultory began collaboration with Metal Blade. “Into eternity” consists of five songs known from demo times and four ones written especially for it. The first album shows not only death but also some thrash metal influences. But don’t be afraid, these Swedes prepared pure death metal in the way it should to be! Believe me, the effect is just perfect!

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