Desultory - Bitterness LP (Black vinyl)


Limited edition of 200 copies.

Only one year after releasing monumental masterpiece “Into Eternity” Desultory needed to unleash the successor. His name is “Bitterness”. This time there are new songs written just on this album exclusively. Again nine tracks, the same line-up, producer and Sunlight Studio. The main question is: did Desultory achieve this masterly level just like “Bitterness” predecessor?

I remember some announcements in the metal press. Prepare for Desultory forthcoming with the new stuff – the answer for My Dying Bride! He, he… don’t believe it, this advertising lies!!! Or somebody lives in kingdom of anacousis.
Comparing to the first cd everything is different here: sounding, way of creating music, vocals. There is no thrash influences, in turn the band put a bigger accent on melody. Don’t worry, this Big Four of metal genius perfectly refreshed their music. It brought completely another journey to undiscovered metal music area. Not like great bands like Entombed, Dismember or Unleashed, “Bitterness” freshens up with each second I listen to. And this I call exceptionality. Yes, that’s right, each of these bands added more melody in their second/third albums, but nobody was able to do this in the way like Desultory did.