Destruction ‎- Thrash Anthems II 2-LP (Black vinyl)


This is a good second round of re-done tracks by the MONUMENTAL Destruction. It's pretty tight sounding better than the originals (I think). Though they don't have Harry Wilkens back in the band and I think their former drummer Olly still is supporting the band it's just that he doesn't play on any of the newer albums. Mike (guitars) seemed to step-up his game on leads. I'm used to him being a bit sloppy but he's done a good job on here. It seems as though they sort of lost that spunk a bit on intensity, but they're getting up there in age. Mike admits too that he smokes too much weed.

The music is classic Destruction, it just seems milder. And the Dead Kennedys cover was good, showing that punk rock influence. I'm sure Jello Biafra knows or might know about them covering his former band. Weird to hear it in thrash metal fashion. Some great remakes her of songs like "Dissatisfied Existence", etc. shows that they still have it, just slowed down a bit like I said. At least they have two of the original members Schmier and Mike. They've gone through a bunch of drummers since Tommy's departure way back in the 80's. The band never really changed, just their newer material all sounds the same.

The production quality is top notch. I like the sound of it and how all the tracks mixed together. Though the guitars could've sounded a little more crunch-like, but still they did a good job of remaking these tracks. It really does sound like Harry on some leads it's just not specified on here though it has to be him. Mike can't pull off such fast leads the way Harry did. I know that he did participate in more recent albums as a guest musician. Mike's great on rhythm. He's been a good songwriter in the 80's though their more recent material doesn't seem to change. They're not as catchy as the old stuff. Which is probably why the remakes.