Destroyer 666 - Wildfire LP (Black vinyl)


Deströyer 666 are back. The alarming news is that only band leader KK survived. A completely new line-up supports him. But stay calm. The personnel changes do not cause any damage. Deströyer 666 have forged a pact with the God of vicious metal and with their fans as well. The fundamental orientation has not changed. A mix of black, thrash and mega-intensive heavy metal sends its shockwaves while benefitting from a dense, vehement and pugnacious production. Despite the long period of silence since the publication of the last regular studio album, the horde has nothing lost of its force. The band believes in toughness, intensity and robustness. Aside from this, the musicians have the capability to vary their approach in order to deliver a suspenseful album. However, one element is omnipresent. The malignant, beastly aura ensures the homogeneous appearance of "Wildfire".