Destroyer 666 - Terror Abraxas LP (Black vinyl)


There are only five songs on Terror Abraxas, yet they vary greatly in structure, style, and length. The EP isn't much longer than 21 minutes, but there's so much to it. 3 of the 5 songs are faster, and have the typical violent Destroyer 666 type of tone. "A Breed Apart" is a relentless punch in the face that kicks off the EP and similarly "Those Who Dare Beyond."

"Terror" I believe is the best track on the EP so I'll go into a little more detail here. At first it doesn't sound too much like a typical Destroyer 666 song mainly because it sounds like it has a black-death metal influence. But looking at the main themes and lyrics of this song, this is definitely awesome Destroyer 666 material. The vocals in the first minute and how they shift in tones are definitely awesome, there's tons of progression in the middle of the song filled with relentless, diverse and complex riffs. The lyrics are simple yet incredibly bad ass, and the ending itself (last minute) is incredibly powerful. "Hail...fire...Hail...victory...onwards we march!..." This may be one of my favorite Destroyer 666 songs because there is so much to it.

The other two songs have a lighter feel, focusing more on a calmer, yet triumphant melody. "Trialed by Fire" is one of the longer and more epic of all Destroyer 666 songs along with "Prometheus".If anyone has listened to Dissection before, "Trialed by Fire" may bear a resemblance to their earlier work (you know, when they were actually good).

And that's the EP: Just 5 strong tracks but enough to keep you listening for several sessions. Do buy this if you get the opportunity.