DESTINY'S END - Transition LP (Orange Vinyl)
Destiny's End

DESTINY'S END - Transition LP (Orange Vinyl)

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Orange Vinyl, limited to 100 copies (reprint), remastered,

After quitting the project New Eden, which no one has really heard about (for good reason), Dan DeLucie, along with former New Eden bandmates Nardo Andi and Brian Craig, formed the band Destiny's End, joining forces with guitarist Perry Grayson (Isen Torr) and well-known vocalist James Rivera of Helstar fame. Their debut full-length, Breathe Deep the Dark, was released in 1998 and was decently well-known in power metal circles due to Metal Blade trying to whore it out to a broad variety of customers as much as possible. Thus, I'd say that Breathe Deep the Dark definitely got the recognition it deserved; it's a very solid album all around, although it focuses more on the speed/thrash aspects than the USPM ones. A lot of people seem to at least know of it, and everybody who's heard it seems to highly enjoy it - multiple people have even told me it was what got them into power metal, or at least USPM, which is definitely a quality achievement. The follow-up album, however, gets much less recognition, which is definitely a shame considering it's a major step up.