Demons & Wizards - III 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Side D = etched.

Though often referred to affectionately as “Iced Guardian” by their fans, no doubt in acknowledgement to the iconic bands from which its two masterminds hail, Demons & Wizards is a project that has proven a force unto itself. Drawing upon the more primordial thrash and speed metal elements of Blind Guardian and Iced Earth, all the while still exhibiting a melodic grandeur and propensity for atmospheric sorrow, this fold of twin titans would unleash a respectable pair of studio albums spanning the late 90s up until 2005 that bridged the gap between the similar yet highly distinct bands. However, the past 15 years has seen this project all but fall by the wayside as the intense touring and studio obligations of guitarist Jon Schaffer and front man Hansi Kursch’s principle projects have taken precedence. Then again, 2020 is already proving to be a year of surprises, and those longing for a worthy successor to Touched By The Crimson King would do well to take notice.