DEMONICAL - Darkness Unbound CD

DEMONICAL - Darkness Unbound CD

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Silver Edition: Revised artwork with silver details and 25th Anniversary Sticker on jewelcase to commemorate Cyclone Empire´s 25th company anniversary.

I'm not sure if these guys had a hand in the songwriting, but it wouldn't surprise me. This album is not only structured better, and possessing a very dark and melancholic atmosphere, but is also 100x heavier than "Death Infernal". The band uses a lot of slow and mid-paced, crushing riffs on this CD like the chorus of "An Endless Celebration" which could move the mountain, and "King of All", which is best described as a "tank". And with the melodic element dialed back somewhat, the melodic elements are mostly only used during choruses and leadbreaks.

Overall, Demonical's 2013 album "Darkness Unbound" is simply an incredible album. It contains both the pure, old school death assault that fans of this genre and band come in for, but it's got much more going for it. Demonical is no longer "just another Dismember clone" my opinion, they came into their own with this CD, and I think this will become a future classic for the death metal scene.

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