DEMILICH - Nespithe CD

DEMILICH - Nespithe CD

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The Bonus Tracks are from "The four Instructive Tales... of Decompoisition - Demo '91"

The Finnish death metal scene, though full of bands to a lesser extent than the American one, is one of my favorites in terms of extreme music, and Demilich is one of its best representatives. And here is the first glitch, because if one of these supposedly "best representatives" has only a series of demos and one full album, it' gives a rather peculiar look at such a scene. It should be noted, that this is not the issue here. Often these groups simply broke up at the period of demos/eps (Agonized, Abhorrence, Depravity, Rippikoulu, Pestigore), after their debut (Demigod, Purtenance, Funebre, those discussed), drastically changed their style (Amorphis, Xysma, Convulse, Sentenced, Disgrace) or functioned somewhere in the back (Adramelech), and if by some miracles they returned after years of non-existence, their activity was mainly based on playing concerts rather than releasing new music (like Antti Boman's band) or if they already released something, it was not particularly exciting (again, Convulse, Demigod). In short, there was a lack of happiness and understanding.

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