Demilich - Em9t2ness Of Van2s1ing / V34ish6ng 0f Emptiness 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Gatefold jacket with booklet. All Demilich demo material plus recordings from 2006.
Demilich - Regurgitation Of Blood recorded and not-mixed by Two Clandestine Fellows in March 1991.
Demilich - The Four Instructive Tales... Of Decomposition recorded and mixed in July 1991.
Demilich - ...Somewhere Inside The Bowels Of Endlessness... recorded and mixed in spring 1992.
Demilich - The Echo recorded and mixed in July/August 1992.
D1-D3 (Vanishing Sessions) recorded in early spring 2006 and mixed+mastered in autumn 2013. Re-mastered in Autumn 2013.