DEMIGOD - Slumber Of Sullen Eyes CD
DEMIGOD - Slumber Of Sullen Eyes CD

DEMIGOD - Slumber Of Sullen Eyes CD

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Tracks 1 to 12 recorded & mixed: Tico-Tico Studio 1992.
Tracks 13 to 16 recorded and mixed at AMR Studio.

This album is, in my opinion, one of the few that is in no way overrated. I am very critical with metal music, but this album undoubtedly deserves a perfect score because it is a flawless example of straight-up death metal. I fell in love with it during my first listen, and my opinion hasn't changed since.

When something so perfect as this exists, not much can be said about it. It's much easier to rant about the glaringly bad mistakes that artists make in their music than it is to describe something that is more powerful than words, but I will make an attempt anyway.

Every single track on this album is a different experience. While they are all extremely dark, they range from fast and brutal to slow and haunting-- and everywhere in between. A common problem with a lot of metal is distinguishing one track from the next, but you'll have no problem here, because every track has a different theme and direction. Demigod has taken every facet of death metal and applied it vigorously. The guitar is unbelievably heavy, the bass is thunderous, the drums are precise, and the vocals are downright demonic.

The most important part of metal is the guitar riffs (of course), and this album has them in spades. You will find yourself constantly banging your head... hard. This band never resorts to playing a jumbled mess to fill in the gaps between cool riffs and everything flows effortlessly from one piece to the next. Although the time signatures may vary, the changes never seem abrupt or forced, but still manage to sound creative.

I can't recommend Slumber of Sullen Eyes enough. The music can pull you down and immerse you in the darkest abyss, and it will keep you there until the record stops. The album is a must-own for all metal elitists.

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