Defleshed - Under The Blade LP (Black vinyl)


Comes on standard gram vinyl with insert in a quality sleeve.

Includes download card.

One of the most intense Metal albums when it comes to the crossover between Thrash & Death Metal for the first time as a regular vinyl edition !
Defleshed do not exist anymore, but they churned out five full-lengths between 1996 and 2005.

After a bumpy start with an average debut, the musicians pulled their socks up and “Under the Blade” catapulted them on the interesting side of those combos
that combined Thrash and Death Metal.

The Swedish guys put a lot of energy in their tunes and made some heads burst.

Even more than 22 years after its release, “Under the Blade” is still worth a listen big time !
The album holds the best riffs of the entire career of the formation.

The skull-splitting riffing of “Metalbounded” hits the listener like a heavy hammer and the same goes for the merciless rasping of “Entering My Yesterdays”.

The whole material terrorizes the audience with an orgy of high velocity and shredding guitars and the album’s level of aggression is amazing.

It appears only logical that the cover version of “Curse the Gods” waives the calm intro of the original.

The Thrashing fundament has been enriched by some blast beats and the big portion of brutality gives the output a Death Metal flair every now and again.
This is dangerous music !

Between the razor sharp guitar tone, which sounds like ear drum-splitting throwing knives, and a vitriolic frontman, Defleshed capture the essence of violence and aggression well.

“Pleasure to Kill” comes to mind several times while listening to this album - in a way that suggests Defleshed are big fans of the German Thrash scene of old.
In short, “Under the Blade” shows an uncompromising and headstrong trio that did not attach importance to useless things such as variety or technical narcissism.

Or, to say it with the band itself: “Defleshed plays Solid Metal exclusively.

No computers or other false tactics were used to fullfil this album.”

Good to know.

If you like aggressive Thrash with a hint of Death Metal, then pick this album up.
Metal Thrashing Mad like: Kreator, Destruction, Merciless, Sadus, Hypnosia, Sepultura