Decrepid - Osseous Empire CD


Decrepid are fucking badass; to the untrained ear, they might sound just like every other death metal band you've heard at the bar at ten at night, but don't be so quick to write them off as your run-of-the-mill death metal band. They are brilliant in their simplicity. Their relentless sonic assault is executed with surgical precision. No frills, bells or whistles, and goes right for the throat.

“Osseous Empire” starts heavy and only gets heavier. This band is merciless, and they are akin to falling on an assembly line and getting pulverized by about two-tons of iron. A great all around band; they are not lacking in any one specific department. The drumming displayed by Jesel Gohil is fantastic, and I’m convinced he may actually be a robot. There is no shortage of riffs, and the solos are excellent. The guttural vocals offered here are a benchmark performance, and should serve as an example to all death metal, upstart, whipper-snappers.

I must point out, the guitar work is truly exceptional and stands out. The fast tremolo picking is perfectly interchanged with the more dissonant, textural, chord workings. Sinister riffs weave in and out of slamming power chords , and there is plenty of old-school influenced chugging. Decrepid look to crush you into a fine powder and do fat-ass lines, or, park you and your unconscious body in a car compacter, whichever is cooler.

There is not one weak point on the whole album; Decrepid is a well-oiled machine. “Osseous Empire” is a constant barrage of brutal, blasting, metal. I would even go so far as to call this a perfect album. The only downside of this album is that, much like your first naughty time - it is all over much too quickly. Like a great album should do, “Osseous Empire” leaves you wanting more, but fortunately you can just listen to it again and again and again, you big dummy!