Deathstorm - As Death Awakes LP (Black vinyl)


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Deathstorm makes no secret of who their influences are, placing their musical cards right dead in the midst of the mid 80s Teutonic trio era, with a particular emphasis on the early works of Kreator. While there are always deviations in any past-worshipping endeavor to keep an album from becoming an absolute carbon-copy, at times one can't help but wonder why this band didn't dub themselves "Pleasure To Kill" given the contents of this LP. The combination of low-fidelity, analog sounding guitar mix and distant, tinny sounding drums, alongside a garbled, screaming vocal quality that lay somewhere between the mutterings of early Venom and the howl of Possessed, being middle of the road in pitch and mostly intelligible. This is basically an outright throwback to practices of the 80s in every sense, and makes little pretense of trying to be modern or seeking out any mode of polish or overt symmetry.