Deathspell Omega - Kénôse LP (Black vinyl)


Comes with a 40 page booklet.

This is among the best and most tastefully innovative black metal releases ever recorded.

Clearly, "Si Monvmentvm..." was a step in a new (and favorable) direction for this band as the first part of their trilogy. Though this album is not another entirely new direction for this band, it is quite an evolution. While maintaining the sophisticatedly satanic atmosphere of its predecessor, “Kénôse” deviates greatly structurally and stylistically. While 4/4 blasting prevailed on "Si Monvmentvm...," anything goes on this album. The time signatures are less standard and far more erratic. The drums are constantly changing and have a wide assortment of beats and grooves. Some sections are even dominated by jazzy, proggish(?) drum parts that add to the unpredictability that this album maintains until the very end. The guitar riffs alternate between the quickly strummed and arpeggiated chord patterns that remind the listener of "Si Monvmentvm...," but occasionally venture onto higher strings and are executed through more bizarre chords. Also, some sections include more doomy and droney riffs (particularly on track 3) while others are more old school and thrashy. The majority of the chords used on this album are very dissonant, which provides for an extremely evil atmosphere. The bass lines usually follow the guitar roots, but often deviate from them and stand as a riff of their own. The vocals follow the same basic style from "Si Monvmentvm..." but are more frequently layered and often reach to higher pitches. While every instrument on this album seems to be constantly mutating, no one part is ever too intruding or distracting. A perfect balance is maintained throughout the album between all the dynamic elements and stylistic textures.

To sum it up, this album is very dynamic and unpredictable. Every riff is amazing and fresh and every change is seamless yet strange.