Deathhammer - Chained To Hell LP (Black vinyl)


This album rules. It feels like being fourteen again, hearing Venom for the first time, and ultimately laying down your soul to the gods rock ‘n’ roll. I would place it up on the pedastle most black/thrash bands wish they could attain but to no avail, matching the drunken fury of old Exodus & Metallica with the clanging evil power (see what I did there?) of a trash compactor, reminiscent to Slayer’s Show No Mercy, or Kreator’s Endless Pain. Furthering their worship of the thrash gods of old, the band finally released their own track titled Tormentor, a staple of any band who truly worships death.

The riffs hit with the intensity of a six month meth bender, and Salsten’s vocals are just as rabid as they’ve been since the demo days. The drum sound is bombastic, and the snare resonates deep and powerfully. Tempo wise, the band goes through it all. From blazing fast bangers like Threshold Of Doom, to the slower-paced instrumental Into The Burning Pentagram, Deathhammer are masters at their craft, creating instant occult classics with every crushing pick strike. Into The Burning Pentagram, I must add, features one of the most dark and memorable lead sections in recent history.

One thing is for sure, Deathhammer are a freight train from hell, bound on crushing your skull and breaking your neck with every listen. They know what they’re doing, and they do it consistently. Onwards to the pits!