Dead Head - The Feast Begins At Dawn 2-CD


Deluxe 2-CD with the best Dutch Thrash Metal available and fully remastered! Features the debut album and all the demo recordings!

There was only one flaw here. Only one! It was a big flaw, we must admit, but never big enough to ruin it. The flaw we are talking about was the production. The sound was very thin and metallic especially when compared to their earlier demo ‘The Festering’.

Aside from this we have 43 minutes of the best extreme European Thrash Metal 1991 had to offer.

Dead Head are famous for being an incredibly fast band but there are plenty of mid paced and even slower moments to be found on ‘The Feast Begins At Dawn’ making it a very complete album.

Now we present the 2019 edition which caused for a lot of commotion within the band and a few others involved.

What to do for the re-issue, re-record?

In the end a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears led to an ultra re-mastered edition, where every last drop of the original recording was upgraded and wrung til there was nothing left...

And it sounds, considering the circumstances, fantastic we say, finally justice is done.

For fans of: Kreator, Slayer, Sadus, Merciless, Dark Angel, Sacrifice, Invocator

CD 1:
The Feast Begins At Dawn
1. Untergang Des Abendlandes
2. Saved by Science
3. Desolated By The Shining
4. In Your Room
5. Below The Earth
6. Slay Your Kind
7. Rites Of Kandar
8. The Tribulation
9. Pesticide
10. The Festering
11. From Belial
12. The Feast Begins At Dawn

CD 2:
The Festering Demo
1. The Festering
2. In Your Room
3. The Tribulation
4. Sawn In Two (Hooks Of Hemorrhage)
5. From Belial
6. From Belial (Reprise)
Metal In Rocks II
7. I Tormentor
8. Rites Of Kandar
Label Demo
9. Slay Your Kind
10. Desolated By The Shining
11. The Feast Begins At Dawn
From Belial Demo
12. The Wicked
13. The Road Not Taken
14. The Tribulation
15. Sawn In Two (Hooks Of Hemorrhage)