DEAD HEAD - Shadow Soul CD
DEAD HEAD - Shadow Soul CD
Dead Head

DEAD HEAD - Shadow Soul CD

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Über Thrash Metal that might cause serious damage to body, mind & soul.
Dead Head celebrates 35th anniversary with “Shadow Soul”!

Two years after their last album “Slave Driver” the Dutch quartet is releasing a new release called “Shadow Soul” on Hammerheart Records in time for their 35th birthday.

“Shadow Soul” is Dead Head’s 8th record already and still we are convinced that these guys are one of the most underrated bands ever in the history of Thrash Metal.

They never released anything weak or bad and what they release is top-tier Metal! “Shadow Soul” seamlessly follows this tradition, presenting a powerful continuation of their legacy.

So “Shadow Soul” is no surprise at all but if you like what Dead Head did in the past 35 years you will love their newest output just as much.

While the album adheres to the band’s signature fast and aggressive Thrash Metal but here and there some Death Metal and even Heavy Metal arrangements have found their way into the song writing.

The album offers mostly high-speed thrashing without any trends or unnecessary melodies and tunes.

The production is once again the excellent work of Erwin Hermsen (Toneshed Studio).

It’s a well-balanced and it is kept very warm and not sterile which gives “Shadow Soul” a perfect atmosphere.

The cover designed by Vladimir Chebakov is once again a very cool one.

Let’s hope that “Shadow Soul will solidify Dead Head’s position and give them the respect they have earned after all these years of thrashing madness!

Happy birthday!

 • 35th anniversary release, proving Dead Head is stronger than ever

• Recorded by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio (Trouble, Pestilence, Malevolent Creation) resulting in a crushing Thrash attack

• Killer artwork by Vladimir Chebakov (Katalepsy, Hidious Divinity)

For fans of: Slayer, Kreator, Sadus, Dark Angel