Dead Head - Dream Deceiver 2-CD


Dead Head’s milestone “Dream Deceiver” re-issued as deluxe-2-CD and first time on vinyl! The best Dutch Thrash Metal available and fully remastered!

Dead Head’s second full length album “Dream Deceiver” is the most mature and diverse album in their discography, a massacre that leaves no room to breathe ! Fully restored, remastered, 100% sonic Thrash Metal decapitation!

"Dream Deceiver" is a great, very diverse and very mature album.

It is together with Pestilence’s “Malleus Maleficarum” an ex eqo album for #1 Thrash Metal album ever done in the Benelux!

Essential if you like: Sadus, Kreator, Merciless, Dark Angel, Sepultura, later Carcass

CD 1: 
"Dream Deceiver"
1. Angel Heart
2. House Of Ambience
3. Repulsive Emission
4. Unholy
5. Dream Deceiver
6. I Or The Needle
7. Crimson Remains
8. Shifting Sands
9. Dying Angels
10. Spiritual Suicide

CD 2
"The Shark Tapes"
1. Sunshine
2. Phoenix Rising
3. Sprayed Into Oblivion
4. Where Silence Dwells
"Label demo"
5. Unholy
6. I Or The Needle
7. Crimson Remains